Freetronics TwentyTen is here

Wed, Jun 16 2010

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

It's kinda old news now but I totally forgot to post about the Freetronics TwentyTen! Things have been so busy that I haven't been updating the Practical Arduino site as often as I should, so sorry about that.

So without further ado, here it is: our version of the Arduino Duemilanove, but with a bunch of improvements applied.

Freetronics TwentyTen

The basic philosophy we followed when designing the TwentyTen (which is named in homage to the Arduino Duemilanove, which means "2009" in Italian) was that we wanted to stay true to the original spirit of the Duemilanove while fixing a few things that bugged us about it. Our little thought-experiment was "what would we want the successor to the Duemilanove to look like?"

I could write a heap more about it, but it's already well written up on the Freetronics site so please check it out there!