ProtoStack AVR prototyping board updated

Thu, Jan 7 2010

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

You know those really annoying ads where some random person says "I thought of making icons clickable, so Windows 7 was my idea!" as if they single-handedly wrote millions of lines of code and were gracious enough to allow Microsoft to use it?

Yeah, I hate those ads too.

I hate the way they pander to the egos of people who once had a random $OBVIOUS_IDEA that had only been thought of about 13.2 million times previously, and imagined that somehow they were the first person to ever think of it. Anyhoo, enough ranting. Coz this time somebody really did revise a product, and I really did think of it. But at least I don't imagine I was the first!

Way back when I still had hair I did a video product review of ProtoStack's AVR prototyping shield. A couple of things I mentioned in the video were that it would be nice to have clearer marking on the power busses and a pre-defined power supply to save having to DIY a PSU on part of the prototyping area. Well, Daniel at ProtoStack has done it!

He's taken an already very sweet board and dipped it in the magic water, and when he pulled it out it was even better than before. This is a brilliant board for prototyping with 28-pin AVRs, so if you like to roll-your-own Arduino prototypes you should definitely check it out:

I'm not being paid for this post, honest. I just really like these boards.