Video of rocket launch with Arduino payload

Mon, Jan 4 2010

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

One of the projects I really wanted to include in Practical Arduino was Artemis (Arduino Rocket TEleMetry and Instrumentation System) designed by Andy Gelme, Luke Weston, Michael Borthwick, and Pete Yandell, with assistance and advice from a number of other Connected Community Hackerspace members.

Last week a few of us managed to sneak off to a launch location near Melbourne and do a couple of launches with Artemis in a de-powered class-G rocket (to keep it under the airspace clearance limit) and a class-C carrying an Arduino Pro Mini with an accelerometer. We had 4 video cameras on the launches (two on tripods, two hand-held) and Andy has just posted some of the video he took on his iPhone.

More video and info to follow once we've deciphered the GPS, pressure sensor, and accelerometer data collected from Artemis.