Parts for Arduino Miniconf hardware assembly tutorial

Thu, Dec 31 2009

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

Organisation for the Arduino Miniconf at LCA2010 is coming along well, with the schedule now pretty much set. We're lucky enough to even have Nathan Seidle of SparkFun coming over from the USA to present a session. Andy Gelme has put in a huge amount of time (and money) arranging the parts required for the hardware assembly / soldering tutorial for the miniconf, which will pair participants up to assemble a Pebble general purpose I/O shield initially designed by Andy and turned into a neat PCB by Luke Weston.

Over the last couple of days I've been helping half-assemble a pile of Pebbles so that participants won't be overwhelmed by a huge soldering job.

The pic above shows a half-assembled Pebble on the top right, the LCD module in its bag on the bottom right, and my inventory check-list for the parts for participants to assemble. As each Pebble is half-assembled I've put all the extra parts on the inventory sheet to be certain I haven't missed anything, then bag it all up ready to ship off to Wellington. So if you're coming along to the tutorial and ordered a half-assembled Pebble, what you see above is what you'll be getting!

Update: Andy pointed out that I failed to mention all the work put in by other members of the Connected Community Hackerspace. Andy and Luke have been the leads on the Pebble project but he's quite right: many other people have put in late nights and long hours on it as well. Mitch Davis did most of the parts purchases, and various other people have done assembly, testing, software development, sorting, bag packing, and all the other things along the way. I don't even know for sure how many people were involved, but it also includes Pete Yandell, Paul Szymkowiak, George Patterson, Michael Borthwick, Rob Brittain, Grant Diffey, and Rowan Doherty.