The acknowledgements page we actually wrote

Wed, Dec 30 2009

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

Somehow things managed to go downhill very rapidly with Apress right at the end of the writing / pre-press process, and unfortunately the end result as it went to press was in many ways not what Hugh and I had intended. It got so bad at the end that we even discussed what options we might have to prevent Apress going to print, but that's a story for another day.

One of the many things that was messed up in the version that was sent off to the printer against our loud protests was the acknowledgements page. What Apress used was the very first draft of the page, not the final text that we prepared. And to really rub salt in the wound they then edited that version themselves to add in someone who neither Hugh nor I knew by name but whose impact on the book was, we felt, highly detrimental, and who had made changes against our protests and introduced errors that did not exist in the text as we submitted it. But once again that's a story for another day.

So, to set the record straight, here is the full text of the Acknowledgements page as the authors intended it, not how it was printed.

From the Authors, our thanks to:

The tech reviewers who provided us the benefit of their expertise and years of experience: Andy Gelme, Marc Alexander, Nathan Seidle, Trent Lloyd, Scott Penrose, Thomas Sprinkmeier, and Philip J Lindsay.

The core Arduino team whose vision conjured the whole Arduino ecosystem into existence: Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, Tom Igoe, Gianluca Martino, David Mellis, and Nicholas Zambetti.

The parts suppliers who were so helpful when it came to sourcing the random assortment of bits needed for developing these projects: SparkFun, AsyncLabs, and NKC Electronics.

Arduino developers everywhere. The amazing success of Arduino is due to the strong community that has blossomed around it. It's a beautiful thing when imaginative people have new tools placed in their hands, and the results have been inspirational to us both.

Michelle Lowman and James Markham, our editors at Apress who had to turn out of bed early to catch us in a totally different timezone on our weekly update call.

From Jon:

More thanks than I can express to Ann, Amelia, and Thomas. Their patience during this project has been amazing.

Thankyou to my parents, Michael and Jenny, who never imposed restrictions on my wild ideas and taught me that no dream is too big to pursue. And for buying me a subscription to an electronics magazine when I was just a little tacker with a burning curiosity about the way things work.

And to Hugh Blemings, my partner in crime whose patient discussions during many late-night phone calls helped me understand far more about Arduino.

From Hugh:

A profound thankyou to Lucy and Rachael for their love and support, for tolerating the smell of solder from the end room and for making the greater journey so worthwhile.

My thanks also to my parents, Brian and Rosemary Blemings, who raised Kay and I to have enquiring minds and happily answered innumerable "Why..?" questions during the formative years. My father also helped me take that first alarm clock apart :)

Thank you Jon for inviting me to be a part of this project and for kind words during some tricky periods in the writing process.