Practical Arduino: done

Mon, Oct 19 2009

Posted by Jonathan Oxer

Or at least it's done as far as Hugh and I can influence it, anyway. It's all in Apress' hands now: don't let us down, please! I don't think I'm emotionally quite ready to do a de-brief post about the experience yet but I can give you a couple of stats about it.

  • Words: 143,048
  • Projects considered: 92
  • Projects shortlisted: 45
  • Projects commenced: 22
  • Projects included: 14
  • Total chapters: 16
  • Hours: far enough beyond 1,000 that it's scary
  • Life lost: 7.5 months
  • Prototyping shields used: 47
  • Arduinos purchased: 25
  • Trips to Jaycar: dunno, but I have a reserved parking space

And we now have a shiny looking cover.

Can't wait to see the real thing!