Library for SHT15 temperature / humidity sensor

Tue, Jun 16 2009
Posted by Jonathan Oxer I need to talk to an SHT15 temperature / humidity sensor for one of the projects in Practical Arduino and there are a couple of good examples of how to do it, but I thought it would be nice to wrap it all up in a library so you could simply create an sht1x object and put calls in a sketch to do things like: humidity = sht1x.readHumidity(); temp_c = sht1x.readTemperatureC(); temp_f = sht1x.readTemperatureF(); Very neat and to the point. So I did it, and the code is up now on GitHub: It already incorporates temperature-correction for the humidity value (otherwise the value tends to drift once the temperature exceeds 25C) and I'm intending to do dew-point calculation eventually too. It's easy enough to fetch the current temp and humidity and do it yourself in the sketch, but a "readDewPoint()" method in the library would be sweet. Suggestions very welcome: shoot me an email at if you find it useful or have ideas for improvement.