Reading La Crosse weather station data

Thu, Jun 11 2009
Posted by Jonathan Oxer My friend Marc Alexander did a very fast reverse-engineering job on the wireless communications protocol used by La Crosse weather stations last week, and the result is that I now have this sitting on top of one of my monitors at work: The shield has a 433Mhz receiver module which listens in on the data transmissions that go from the sensor modules on the roof to the display unit that sits inside. Marc figured out what the various parts of the bitstream represent and wrote an Arduino program to decode and report it so I'm taking the output values and stuffing them into a MySQL database. Hopefully in the next week or so we'll have a funky Flex-based web interface to display all the data. The sensors (temperature, humidity, windspeed, wind direction, rainfall, barometric pressure) are mounted on the roof at IVT: